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updated background and.. NEWS


So here’s the updated background with a character done by a classmate.  And also i am now assigned to a new game.  It’s a magnet based platformer that we’re going to make super awesome.  I’ll be posting about it with more deets later!




test background

This is a test background for Coal Miner Terra.  It’s more of a target for the final look of the game.


mon gu

walk animation for monster guru

Coal Miner Terra

ImageWell in class the games have been decided.  We have about a month to pitch one of the eight chosen games to our professors/industry people.  I’m pretty stoked, i got put into an adventure game.  I haven’t actually played a ton of adventure games but i do think it’s conducive to my goal of illustration.  So anywho, here are some ideas i was sketching up.  It’s nice to be doing something out of my comfort zone (i.e. not depressing looking)


This week is PITCH WEEK.  So apparently everyone in the gaming capstone has to pitch an idea.  So i struggled a bunch to come up with something and kept feeling like all my ideas were forced.  For my early ideas i was thinking political or psychological because i’ve always admired games that can have deep or unique messages.  I went through a few ideas, one idea was on drone warfare, the other on addiction but they all just felt wierd.  So being way stuck i just decided to kick back and play something to get my mind off of  it.  I started up dustforce and, while playing, paused it on one screen and my imagination started up.  I saw the image and thought of a robot guy in human clothes walking through a fishing village on an east coast type area.  I could visualize something and I realized that i seem to come up with ideas visually better.  It just felt more of a “me” type idea.  SOO here’s what i came up with!



You have reached Evan’s game blog,  I will be updating this throughout the year on my various gaming projects.  I will post things related to my work with the university and also a bit on monster guru. (http://tinyurl.com/8a2arct)  (gimogames.com)  thanks for checking it out and feel free to comment and make any suggestions.