by evankill

This week is PITCH WEEK.  So apparently everyone in the gaming capstone has to pitch an idea.  So i struggled a bunch to come up with something and kept feeling like all my ideas were forced.  For my early ideas i was thinking political or psychological because i’ve always admired games that can have deep or unique messages.  I went through a few ideas, one idea was on drone warfare, the other on addiction but they all just felt wierd.  So being way stuck i just decided to kick back and play something to get my mind off of  it.  I started up dustforce and, while playing, paused it on one screen and my imagination started up.  I saw the image and thought of a robot guy in human clothes walking through a fishing village on an east coast type area.  I could visualize something and I realized that i seem to come up with ideas visually better.  It just felt more of a “me” type idea.  SOO here’s what i came up with!