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Crazy Busy

zone2final promo

Went to GDC last week with Magnetic by Nature  (http://www.facebook.com/TripleslashStudios?ref=hl) and we got some pretty solid feedback.  It was interesting to finally see  completely new people interacting with the game.  We had a bunch of cool developers look at the game and give us suggestions.  The trip was also great for me as an artist. I was able to meet some truly progressive and fascinating people who have similar aspirations that i have.



zone2b zone2


testing out some zone color ideas here.  I think that using these simplified shapes/colors has really been helpful for me.  I usually am really intimidated by venturing out of my comfort zone but this method has forced me to grow.

also here’s my progress on making the SMASHER


Finding a Style


newcolor alpha level rough designSo

For the past few weeks we’ve been specifying the details of our style.  We’ve kept the overall value system but have decided to mostly ditch the organic look and go full art deco.  For my part i looked at a bunch of images and found some helpful  examples of good art deco style stuff.  Frank Lloyd wright’s (although not really an art deco guy) window designs were an excellent resource.


Splash Screen


environment madness

this stuff is intense…. must.. continue ..iterating…

anywho, was thinking about this older piece when i was doing this


first value pass and environment!



thats a hard word to spell… anyway, here’s round 2 of characters!  narrowed the design down to very large head small body, preferably rounded edges.  




Was looking at 50’s era robot design and thinking about big shapes.  Now.. on to refining 

mood concepts

Thinking about different moods for the game backgrounds.  For now we are using Limbo and Twisted Shadow Planet as our main references.  Also I looked at Dustforce a bit.  (such a pretty game)